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Landscape Photography: deserts, glaciers, the altiplano, rural Germany, an Oasis, the Cape.

Some photographic insights into the religions of the Earth

Sunset in Glasgow and on the Yang Tse river, dawn in the Himalaya, Luxor at night, a rainbow over the Sydney Opera House. The diversity of light.

Face of the Earth

Religions of the World

Light in the Dark

more photo galleries: AiKiDo, Fog and Mist,Reflections. Wildlife

The photo galleries on this page mainly show impressions from travels to many countries, arranged by a common subject rather than by geographic location.
This is a selection of some of my personal favourites.
"Face of the Earth" has a variety of landscapes, "Religions of the World" takes a look at aspects of some of the major religions and "Light in the Dark" contains available light photography from dusk till dawn.
The pictures in AiKiDo were taken during martial arts training.

All photos by Laurenz Bobke. If you want to see more of my pictures, please have a look at Travelphoto.Net, where you will find hundreds of travel photos organised by country.
Laurenz Bobke - the author of these pages


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